Agenda forró – forró events from Dec. 4th to Dec. 10th

Yes, I know, there should be a December 3rd considered between last column and the present one.

But it is winter, it is cold, I had a cold … no way to sit down, scroll the events around and write this piece.

But here nonetheless I am, with some suggestion for the current week.

Hope you all can enjoy your forró!

Before anything else, this is the week of the Baião in Lisboa Festival

Baião in Lisboa Festival

Baião in Lisboa Festival

a great event which you should try not to miss!

As for the rest of the week, here we go

December 5th

In Paris, a screaming guy for the Forró Aniversaire

Forró Aniversaire

Forró Aniversaire


December 6th

If you are in Friburg (a city that I love) here is what you can do

Forro night in Freiburg on Dec 6th

Forro in Freiburg

Or, if you are in Prague, you might want to a Brazilian party with samba and forró (of course), at this address

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e persone che suonano strumenti musicali

If your heart needs the sun and you are in Nice, there you can have a workshop with wonderful Anax Caracol

Anax Caracol Forro Nice

Anax Caracol workshop in Nice on Dec 6th

In Paris, DJ Ricardo Jhon for the mercredi du Brasil

DJ Ricardo John

December 7h

How about a Baile Perfumado in Barcelona?

Baile Perfumado

Baile Perfumado

December 9th

Don’t miss the Grand Bal de Lune happening in Montpellier, France


Bal de la Lune

Grand Bal de la Lune, Montpellier

You can also have an entire weekend of forró and brasilian culture in Bordeaux!

Forro Colorido Bordeaux

Forro Colorido Bordeaux

Or take a classin New York City

forrozeiros in New York

New York Forro classes

December 10th

In Lille, France, organized by Cacau Mutinho

Jorge do Rojao toca forro na Francia

Jorge do Rojao forro Lille

In Prague again

Forro in Prague


It seems to me that also this week the agenda is very interesting.

It is not complete, of course, but for our luck it is becoming almost impossible to take note of all the events around the world.

Ah, as for Brasil, do not miss to check the Canto da Ema’s calendar.

And if you feel like tryin a forró where it was born, in the sertão … if you are lucky enough for that … well: enjoy this forró night in Siriema, Ceará.

And toast with Evilazio (my father in law).

See you next week!!

ForroEvilazioAnd, as usual, don’t forget that we support

Please, help!

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