Agenda forró – forró events from Nov. 19th to Nov. 25th

Last week was so full of events, from festivals to single nights.

This week is apparently (but only apparently) a little lazier.

So, barely alive after the Bagunça Brasileira of Friday night here in Milano

festa brasiliana senza sosta!

Let’s see what do the programs look like for the incoming week!

In Greece, on Sat. 25th

Calangos e Batala Atenas
festa de 7 anos do grupo de percussão Batala Atenas

In Spain

Like every Sunday, in Barcelona, at 21: the  Forró da Madame Baião

In Italy

This Sunday, Nov. 19th, in Bologna


Forro alla Piedra Bologna
Forro alla Piedra, Bologna, 19 novembre 2017

Forró classes in Genova

Corso di forro a Genova
Nuovo corso di ballo a Genova

Fabio Reis in Torino

Fabio Reis a Torino
Workshop e lezioni private

and …

Let’s give our warm welcome to

Trio Dona Fulo
A new forro band!

In France, forró classes in Bordeaux

on Monday, here more info

Music and dance in Lille

music and dance in Lille
forro lille

As for Belgium

A workshop in Brussels on Sunday 19th

Forro Brussels
Worskhop in Brussels

In Switzerland, Lausanne, on Nov. 22th

DJ – Forró Danse Libre, at the Le Duplex Bar, Rue de la Tour, 4, starting at 21

If you are in Portugal

this week I suggest you to go visit the Forró Feliz School.

They give classes every Tuesday and Thursday, at 13.00 and at 20.00.

And they meet to dance in the squares on Saturdays: it seems that you are not getting bored there.

In Ireland

Something has already been said  about the full of forró November happening in Dublin: here is what’s next for this week (and I would not miss it if I were there)

Forro Dublin with Wellington
Forro Dublin with Wellington


And did you know

that the forró community has roots also in Argentina? here are the events

if you want to go to Buenos Aires

Forro Buenos Aires
Forro Buenos Aires

Apparently, the forrozeiros in Buenos Aires are pretty lively, if you are there you can also join the communiy for a forró in the park (this seems pretty nice!)

Forro dos amigos - Buenos Aires
Forro dos amigos – Buenos Aires

As usual, the final events reported are from Brasil.

This week I am stopping in the land of samba, to see what they do with our beloved forró!

Happening on Sunday 19th in Rio de Janeiro


See you with the next weekly Column!